15th - 19th Uktar, the Star Walkers Return

We arrived at Loudwater shortly before Lathanders holy hour of dawn and dropped off Alister at this clock shop. He had a shop with a huge selection of clocks, which instantly attracted the attention of the now healed Lilli, who excitedly bounced around the shop, inspecting the mechanisms, identifying movements, and generally being her usual self.

After physically dragging the gnome out of the shop Sialia insisted to visit Telbor Zazrek. He was appreciative of the return of the citizens we rescued and presumably gave Sialia the reward she was owed for her service.

Unexpectedly, however, the ranger seemed to be interested in tagging along with us, despite the risks and warnings of what we had now undertaken. I don’t know if I trust her motives, as she seemed to be interested in tagging along with John based on their old companionship, but I saw her eyes flitter to the gold and platinum when we were splitting our the spoils on the way here. Ill need to keep an eye on this one if we are to journey together, but I expect the going will get tough quickly for her and she will find herself interested in being somewhere else, where the money comes with less blood on it.

We made a quick stop at Waterdeep via airship for some replenishment of suppliers. Upon the sad explanation of Strog’s getaway and a description of his equipment, he presented us with an identical cloak as what Strog wore. It had a spell called Dimension Door wovden into it, allowing the wearer to move up to five hundred feet away instantly once per day. Sadly, once again Strog was one step ahead of us and always had an exit strategy.

We started making our way to Bryn Shandr which was all the way north, as far as the spine of the world but further west, nearly on the coast. We got underway direct from Mirabar, facing a 4-day journey.

However, the most direct route to our destination was through the Klauthian Vale, the very one place that Klauth had sworn us never to venture near or into.

A detour would waste precious time which could result in the destruction of yet another settlement. The horror of the scenes at Llork and Orlbar came back to me with full force, and I knew that we could not lose more life because we were simply too late.

The faces of the dead citizens at my feet outside the gates of Mirabar came back to me then and there. I could not lose more innocents simply because I was incapable of protecting them.

Despite not wanting to have to deal with the dragon Klauth any more than absolutely necessary, we convinced the Klauth worshipper’s leader Delsephine to make contact with Klauth on our behalf. She was incredibly resistant to concerning Klauth in our affairs, but we insisted that she do so.

We were led to her cabin where Delsephine began a ritual to contact the mighty dragon. At the conclusion of the ritual, her body went stiff and her eyes rolled upward, and she started to speak with a low, gravely voice.

Klauth, speaking through this human vessel demanded to know why we would disturb him, especially to dare ask for permission to cross his territories. We pleaded with him for permission to cut our journey shorter, ostensibly to guarantee that the Frost Giants were stopped, but more so to protect the people at the town. If they believed the Ring of Winter to be in the town we would

Klauth had a far simpler solution to the dilemma. He would take flight and raze the village, ensuring that the Ring of Winter not be found.

Terror set in as we realised what we had just led Klauth to conclude. It took some convincing to Klauth that there was time for us to intervene and not risk the Giants getting to their goal. As well as that, we had information from the Eye of Anann that the Frost Giants would not find their goals.

Klauth eventually gave us one opportunity to stop the threat our way, and begrudgingly gave permission for us to cross his borders, but conditionally.

Delsephine’s controlled, blank eye form turned directly to Lilli. Klauth, in his direct, gravely, deep voice, warned Lilli that any attempts from her or others to Scry on Klauth or look for information on him, on pain of death for all of us and her entire family. Lilli turned whiter than Delsephines blank eyes, and in that moment the spell was broken.

We set a direct course through the Klauthian Vale to Bryn Shandr, Lilli rushing off to warn Naxene immediately not to Scry on Klauth. I had never seen the gnome so afraid of anything before, the warning had doused any flame of curiosity about the dragon completely.

The rest of the trip was almost uneventful, until Lilli excitedly burst out of the cabin, having decoded the first chapter of her Gramps secret research. She was darting around the cabin pointing out passages from the recipe book and rapidly talking about things she remembered from her past time with her family. Clearly, only one familiar with the family history and with Lilli’s tinkerer’s mind would be able to solve the riddle of reading this book.

The first pages of the book were a personal message from Gramps to her granddaughter, having been specifically encoded to ensure her, and only her could read the words. The book in its entirety was the bulk of her grandfather’s life works and research, and it was clear he took great pride and stock in it. It also spoke of significant danger and his suspicions that rivals in Adbar. Other tinkerers investigating similar fields had met with accidents, too coincidental for him to believe unrelated.

He was studying combining applied magic and technology and specifically spoke to the applications of airships much like the one we stood on. He was certain that they were oft built underutilised and poorly, and the elementals that created the hot air and wind that drove the ship could be greater by far more harnessed correctly. He urged caution on the designs and implored that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

We piled out of the cabin to leave the dwarf to get puzzling over the remaining chapters of the book, seemingly with chapters for contacts, suspicious people, the build of airships, and something relating to a special project.

Later that night, I found myself staring off into the distance as we passed over the dim lights of Neverwinter, wondering if I could see any sign of Nine Oaks in the distance.

If she had fled Mirabar I wonder if my brothers at nine oaks would know more about her whereabouts. Just south of Mirabar, it was the town I grew up in before seeking out a post at Mirabar and meeting Teisha. I have not spoken to anyone of my family in over two years. Pain of death stopped me from returning to my family at Mirabar, and the shame and guilt to my brothers at Nine Oaks. But if I could find Teisha again, and try and explain to her what happened… Perhaps she would understand. And perhaps my brothers would know more.

Surely the good deeds we had done over the months would count to wash away the tarnish to my name.

Was it enough, however, for me to stand and look at my brothers in the eye and explain my actions? I’m not sure I can face the shame of it. But if it meant the chance of seeing Teisha again… would it not be worth the pain?

John found me staring into the distance and I confided in him my thoughts. Whilst we were rushing against time currently to stay one step ahead of the Giant threat, he assured me that we would find time to look for my family later.

It was mid-morning on the 19th Ukltar when we arrived at Bryn Shandr, in the middle of a frozen wasteland that was this region so far north toward the Spine of the World. We didn’t waste any time getting into the city. Instead of avoiding spooking the residents and militia by landing outside the city and walking in like we usually did, we flew directly over the city and used rope ladders to drop in a clear spot almost in the centre of the city.

Through the crowd that formed around us pushed Duvessa Shane, the leader of the settlement. Usually being met with scepticism when we brought dire warnings to towns, we were surprised when she refused to speak in private and demanded answers from us openly.

Upon us explaining the Giants we believed to be on their way, Duvessa immediate mobile the city force which whipped into preparation to bolster their defences. She explained that we were far from the first adventurer’s to have brought warnings of threats, and far from the first time they faced threats from Giants. In the past, they were even attacked by a red dragon with a crystal horn, which was hunted and killed by adventures like ourselves.

We proceeded to scout ahead in the direction we expected the Giants to come from, as they closest water ingress was to the west of the city. Ahead, across the snowy plains, we found five Frost Giants walking toward the town with snow wolves chained and in tow.

We approached them and told them to retreat and that Bryn was under our protection. They, of course, refused, telling us that they had come for Artus Cimber and that if we turned him over from the town other lives would be spared.

We didn’t have time to ponder who this person was or even confirm his presence at Bryn, as diplomacy swiftly broke down, especially once Sialia got into an insult match with their leader and before we knew it we were in combat.

We were able to deal with them despite the cold and their might and returned to town to inform Duvessa of the Giants target.

She had not heard of this Artus fellow, however, the local Harper contact Beldora had. We learned that Artus Cimber was an ex-harper agent, that was disappeared some time ago and was actively being searched for by them. He vanished some time ago, after gaining possession of the Ring of Winter, which was rumoured to halt natural ageing amongst other abilities.

Beldora did not know where Artus was but did know a bastard son, Sirac; he was located in Bryn Shandr. We spoke to him but he did know have any further knowledge of his father except for legend.

A helm we recovered from the Giants had a blood red gem contained within, which Lilli identified as a gem with a drop of blood from Artus Cimber or one of this bloodline. Obviously, this is what made the Giants think that Artus was located in Bryn, the gem not finding Artus but instead leading them to his son. This must explain why the Oracle insisted that the Frost Giants would not be successful in their task of locating the Ring of Winter.

More scouting of the area only located their longboat, which we set fire to. Harshnag confirmed that the Frost Giants he’d infiltrated had only sent one boat out for the raid. He’d convinced the Jarl to go whale hunting and provided us locations to find Svardborg, also confirming the conch we needed was left on the throne in the Jarl’s absence.

20th Uktar, the Star Walkers Return

We arose the next day and started preparations to make the trip to Svardborg, Harshnag confirming that the Jarl and 20 other giants would ride their great ship Krigvind out first line the next day. We wanted to get out tonight so we would arrive not long after they had departed.

Beldora had organised an amulet by midday for Sirac, and using the gem we were able to confirm it had worked. We got no location for a member of Artus’ bloodline.

We left just after nightfall without event and began our journey to Svardborg.

21st Uktar, the Star Walkers Return

We approached the Isle of Svardborg with caution but without fear. It was an almost circular isle, with a channel of water into the middle of it with another circular pond, forming a crescent that nearly stretched a full circle.

There was a series of buildings, ranging from large, two-story buildings that looked like storage or a longhouse, down to smaller shacks, totalling seven in all. We could see movement, but it was all contained on the inner side of the buildings, leaving the sides facing out to the ocean clear. Ice sheets had formed and frozen in a ring around the buildings, essentially splitting the island into two areas, the inner ring where the boats and docks were, and a clear, outer ring.

Harshnag had noted to us that the Giants isolation so far out here had made them complacent, and considering so many Giants had left whaling there was only a third of their forces remaining.

We were able to land without incident on the outer skirt of the island, hidden by the ice sheets from the inner ring where Giants and their ilk formed.

I called upon my inner power and felt out for an object like the conch, and felt a pull to the building to our east, so we set off directly to that building, hoping to be able to get the conch and leave quickly

We opened the large, oversized doors and entered a dining hall. The carcass of a mammoth was rotting on the ground in the middle of the room and tall, large tables lined either side of the room. Magical flames lined the walls, that cast a dancing light on the room.

Above us, we spotted ice creatures in the rafters, watching us silently and intently. We proceeded slowly through the room but they did not move to attack, they simply seemed to watch us.

We headed upstairs, finding ourselves in a room with two giants, more wolves and a human man in thick furs. We were blocked into the doorway for some time by the Giants, allowing the spellcaster to attack us with impunity. It took me slipping past the giants to deal with the spellcaster before we were able to bring down the foes facing us.

The conch was sitting on the throne as predicted, and we took it. We also spotted in the room six giant’s eggs, frozen to the floor, and in a crate a frozen dwarf that had passed some time ago. John and Sialia wanted to move the dragon eggs out and away from the giants but their attempts to break an egg from the ice only resulted in shattering the egg, releasing the sarding dragon wyrmling inside!

The wyrmling was alive and began to bite and thrash aggressively, defending itself and its unborn brethren. It spat and growled in draconic, Cyke telling us it warned us not to come close and also to not threaten the eggs. We could not convince it that we were trying to help it and that it was in danger from the Giants, so we chose to leave them where they were.

We headed out of the building, noticing the mephits had vacated the mess hall that we entered through. When we started to approach the airship, however, we noticed that it had mephits crawling all over the sarding balloon! The rudding things had covered the balloon, and it looked like some of the crew had taken arms to fire at them. It appeared there was at least one hole in the balloon and there was commotion across the deck as they realised the damn things explode when they die.

When we got close enough to hear them, I noticed that I could partially understand the Mephits. I was still holding IronFang in my hands, sensing the power within it. I managed to talk to the Mephits somewhat and found they were ordered to keep us on the island until we spoke to their master. They were amused that I could talk their Terran dialect, but they refused to budge until we had spoken to their master, which we suspected to be the dragon that was the mother of the eggs. What is a sarding dragon doing on an island infested with Giants?

We relented and skirted around the Isle, keeping away from the foes inside the inner ring, and we entered the building the Mephits had indicated. After dispatching two Giants, we quietly called out the name of the dragon we had come seeking.

Behind us, the large adult white dragon Isendraug unfurled from the ceiling and dropped to the floor with a thump. We groveled as per usual with parleying with dragons and asked it why she brought us to meet her.

Surprisingly, we found out that she was essentially captive on the island, as they were using her eggs to keep her hostage. If she flew from the room or tried anything the Giants insisted they would destroy her eggs. She was very interested in our help in eradicating the Giants which had claimed what was originally her home. Whilst we wanted to get out and leave immediately, we agreed to her plan to at least rid the island of the giants that were threatening her eggs and decided to negotiate with her again afterwards.

We went to return to the airship, stopping to dispatch a group of giants in a tower building. Isendraug had informed us there was a horn here that would be blown to alert the Giants on the Isle and we wanted to remove it as a threat first. We dispatched the giants with relative ease as they were drunk and surprised to be in combat. The new ranger, Sialia, was scoring hit after hit with her arrows, impacting visibly wounding blows on each that seemed inhuman.

Afterwards, we retired to the airship to have some much-needed rest, as we had an assurance from Isendraug that the whaling party would not return for another day or two. Lilli crept off to inspect the latest spoils of adventuring we had picked up here and tinker with her clockwork box.

We decided to start working on killing the Giants and foes in the inner ring of Ice. We went back into the lower story of the building and found a back room with an ice tunnel that leads past the ice wall into the inner ring.

Inside, we could see a small lake within, a small channel of water leading in from the ocean. There was a few large longboats and smaller boats within, with some giants and tribal warriors visible. There was one giant on a boat close by that was by itself, so we set an ambush in the back room. Cyke and I straddled the doorway and Lilli used an illusion of the wizard that we felled inside the room, beckoning for the giant to come inside. As it did, Sialia sprung into action, hitting the Giant with a flurry of hits. Cyke and I hit hard into him from either side of the door, and with a flanking blow, Cyke brought the Giant down as the Giant sunk the blade deep into the joint in my armour at the shoulder.

We spotted another Giant by itself on the other side of the Isle on a boat to the east. John used a water walking spell to allow us to walk across the channel to a storage room. Within, there was a badly damaged boat, one that was never completed. The room was some sort of construction dock, with a wooden crane and other building things.

Again Lilli conjured an illusion, this time of a tribal warrior. Our target saw it and become frustrated that the warrior wasn’t working, and came to investigate, charging at us once the illusion made some lewd gestures toward our target.

We hid the best we could but as being careful in full plate armour is difficult the Giant spotted me quickly, charging in to attack me. It didn’t last long however under the combined assault as the rest of the party revealed themselves to the Giant, and I dodged its blow with ease and added my force to the fight.

The next giant was on a small boat, four hundred foot across the small lake. We swam underwater, using John’s water breathing magics to breathe, whilst floating down the carcass of the Giant above us. We crawled up on the small rowboat and attacked the Giant with such speed that it was tipping and falling off the rowboat with a surprised look, not even having time to react before being fatally wounded.

Lilli took the initiative, and stood proudly over the body of the Giant, telling the Yeti and tribal warriors on the main longboat that we were emissaries of Isendraug, and they would do her bidding. We were hoping they would surrender without a fight. Whilst they were intimidated by our quick takedown of the nearby Giant; they did not seem to buckle like we might have liked.

With their hesitation, Cyke jumped onto the ship and laid a warrior low, and I followed suit, using Ironfang to cast a shattering point of noise centred on a cluster of warriors, killing 4 instantly. As the rest of our party landed on the boat to close melee they surrendered and lay down their arms.

Before they finished cowering, there was a geyser of water from behind us in the small lake within the isle and the dragon form of Isendraug fired out of the water like a cannon. Water spray as far as our boat coating us in salty foam, and she slowly landed on the boat, causing a ripple of fear to spread throughout the survivors.

Isendraug took a hold of the remaining Yeti and warriors quickly and informed them that they served her now, and they acquiesce quickly and retreated to their cave until summoned by their new master.

After some negotiation, we were able to explain to Isendraug that we could not simply kill all the Giants, even with our combined might. She agreed to remove half her mephits and to move her eggs to the airship as a sign of good faith. She also finally confided to us that her partner was chained to the Jarl’s boat magically, with a spell and was hoping that the wizard that we had killed would help us. We informed her that he was dead, but we have found a scroll with a single codeword. She believed that we could free her mate with this word, but was on the Jarls massive longboat with no easy way off without serious risk of death from harpoons and boulders.

We agreed to send to Harshnag and find out how long we had until the Giants return, and have a long rest. Isendraug would move her eggs to our boat and we would move it to the lake in the middle of the isle. We agreed to help try and free her mate but would not commit to killing all the Giants. She wanted to see if we thought it was possible, and we insisted that if it got too bad we would insist on evacuating her and the eggs, after having done everything we could to free her mate.

We formulated a plan to ambush the giants when they returned. Our dragon ally indicated when the giants return they would follow a fairly habitual return to their town, with groups of giants splitting off to the dragons temple jail, the great hall and the room we found the warning horn.

The group got busy setting up traps with alchemist fire that we found in the loot of this isle, which we planned to detonate on two of the groups. We would ambush the Jarl’s group with Isendraugs help, and Harshnag would free the dragon’s mate on the boat and take control of the massive longboat, Krigvind.

Cyke went with the dragon to help move the eggs, whilst Lilli’s relative Corwen protested his innocence to Lilli, having been offended at our wizards learning’s from her book. Lilli spoke magically to Harshnag to let him know what had happened and ensure he knew his role in the upcoming battle. He was keen to claim the longship as spoils of the victory, and was not against the killing of his own kind. He didn’t sound too impressed with the Jarl from the way Lilli spoke of his messages.

We had the tressum out scouting and retired to wait for the return of the longship Krigvind.

22nd Uktar, the Star Walkers Return

The tressum alerted us the next day to the return of the ship and we got into position hiding in the Jarl’s throne room. Hiding behind the chair, tables, and pillars of the room, we were able to hear the Jarls group approach the room after they had docked and the giants had disembarked from the longboat. Lilli conjured up an illusion of the wizard we had killed sitting on the throne, toying with the conch. We hoped to lure the group into the room enough to engage them with no retreat. Isendraug had already quietly frozen the door shut with her breath so there would be no escape for these giants.

John could hear them complaining as they came up the stars speaking in Giant. They had only caught one whale, and the Jarl was complaining about the crews’ incompetence. He was in a foul mood and was ready to burst.

As they opened the door to the room, a huge yet distant explosion could be heard - one of our traps nearby. The Giants entered the room and were shocked at the noise, and then noticed the wizard illusion grinning and playing with the conch.

They moved into the room and demanded answers from the wizard, and whey they moved close enough John using the wizards own staff of fireballs, fired a blast into the middle of their group and the room erupted into violence.

We hit them hard before they were able to separate with a barrage of ranged attacks. Sialia popped out of her cover and started raining arrows into the group, firing arrows in rapid succession so fast that it looked like a storm of arrows was landing on the group of giants all at once. Luke scored some direct hits on the leading giant, his arrows finding a home in the chest of the giant. They scattered after being hit directly by a few fireballs, with some closing into range with Siala, the Jarl going for John and a few of them going for me and Cyke. One of them threw a boulder at the illusion wizard and the boulder landed harmlessly on the throne, the boulder occupying the phantom illusion, with its arms and legs sticking out from the sides of the boulder.

The Jarl looked like he was going to cast a spell on John, throwing an arm out in his direction, but Lilli made a quick gesture and the magical energy that coalesced his hand dissipated like a candle being blown out. The Jarl sneered in surprise, pointed at Lilli, and growled “That one. Kill that one”.

Cyke and I moved to pick up giants to stop them getting to Lilli as they turned their attention to her. It was around then when Isendraug burst through the door behind the Giants and took up a flanking position with me. However, I got cut off from the others and 3 giants closed ranks around me. Their blows were ferocious and my armour did not offer the protection I needed. I was knocked out for a brief moment. I’m not sure how long I was out for but I crawled back to my knees, feeling a divine presence fill me with energy. As I got my feet underneath me I could saw Lilli closing into the giants that had felled me, an ape form shimmering into existence around her.

She started raining big ape fists down on them and I could see Sialia, firing the blow and dancing between the Giants, putting them down in a strangely elegant, yet lethal dance. Her blade struck a Giant across the shins and quickly fired a shot from her bow into one’s knee, and a swift circular cut of her blade cut the throat of both the giants in one swift move. The Jarl had closed and tangled John in a fishing net but was brought down by Luke with a flurry of slashes from his flaming sword and the giant slayer. John struggled to get out but had to spend a lot of time struggling with the net, arms pinned and unable to contribute to the fight.

As they Jarl fell dead to the ground the remaining Giants cried out, vowing to avenge their lord and carry out his last wishes, being the murder of our wizard.

Lilli’s ape body was battered by three giants which closed her in. Her ape form vanished from her and the little gnome was slammed by one giant hard enough to fling her toward the second which kicked her violently back to the first giant. Nobody could even get close enough to her to help her as she was smashed between then giants like a rabbit caught between a pack of hungry dogs.

She fell to the ground in the middle of the giants and one giant simply stepped on her body, crushing her chest and the organs within. Lilli coughed blood out her mouth and her eyes rolled back in her head, as the giant pulled his foot away from what remained of her lifeless body.

Sialia and Luke wasted no time killing these giants and we rushed to the broken body of our wizard. The others inspected her grievous wounds at a loss as to how to continue. John, freed of her net started to tend to her wounds but we all knew it was too late.

I dug frantically into my pack, looking for the scrolls Brother Renald had given me back at the Spires of the Morning so long ago. I was not practised or ready for the magics contained on them, and it was likely I would fail, but it had to be tried. If I didn’t get to her with few moments and succeed, it would be too late, and nothing could be done.

I pulled out one of the scrolls I had and, placing one had on Lilli’s head I started to read aloud the words contained on the scroll, praying for Lathander to heal and give life renewed. I could feel energy beginning to swirl around my body, an orange dawn-like glow, getting stronger as I read my way through the scroll. I could hear a voice, echoing yet calm speak to me, seemingly from miles away but also sounding like it was being whispered right in my ear.

‘From Death, Life’ Lathander whispered.

The scroll started to crumble apart in my hands and as I looked on, I could see Lili’s body through the gaps in the scroll as it combusted. It crumpled like being burnt and faded into the air and I was able to see the wounds on Lilli’s body re-knit and heal, colour coming back into her cheeks. She took a rattling breath and another cough of blood but was back with us. Lathander had smiled upon our mission and had taken pity on our wizard.

We stopped for long enough for Lilli to gather her senses and recover from the shock of what had just happened to her, but had to get moving. We took our way out the balcony of the throne room and across the roof of the level below us, climbing down from the roof and encountering two of the giants, returning from the direction east. Only two of the six that we expected to be sent up there were returning, covered in unnatural burns and filled with rage.

We hurried out to the balcony and climbed down as fast as humanly possible to the ground, ready to get involved in the fight proper. John took the opportunity to wildshape and fly off as an owl to provide us sight.

We stormed the longboat as Harshnag finished off the remaining giants and manned the massive balistas on it. John reported back in that he had lipread the dragons and found out that Isendraug was planning a double cross, but was hesitant based on our prowess in battle. The recently freed partner did not believe her, but as the fact the airship had moved dawned on them they came for us.

They landed in front of us, the male trying to fear us but only earned a rebuke from Cyke. With much back and forward, she realised that we didn’t trust her. Clearly still fearing our abilities she admitted her plot but chose to honour our agreement.

Under her watchful gaze, we unloaded the eggs and her partner brought us the giant heads and items we agreed on.

Suddenly one of the cultist stormed off the airship with some followers in tow. Their leader, Brassik was impressed with our reluctance to engage the dragons despite their suspicions of our past interference with dragons. He threw himself upon the mercy of Isendraug and begged to be taken into her service.

Wanting to see the back of them we agreed, and uncovered under a Zone of Truth spell that they had indeed been through our gear but they had not taken anything. Isendraug insisted on her own interrogation under the spell. Satisfied with their answers, she demanded their fealty and they took sides with the Dragon.

Corwen, seeing his chance to finally be under a Zone of Truth to confess to Lilli all but dove into the spells influence, having run of the airship with a shill scream. Corwen proceeded to run his own interrogation, revealing to Lilli that there was shame in his family line.

Bartelberry, a Falkor in Corwens family line, admitted on his deathbed that he stole designs from Lilli’s Gramps. Whilst Corwen was no part of it the shame the little gnome felt had clearly been eating away at him for some time. Lilli forgave him, for what little forgiveness was needed for a gnome with no part in the event.

Bartelberry stole a design for a mule elevator from Lilli’s Gramps and submitted it as his own. This was alluded to in what Lilli had decoded of gramps journal, but now was confirmed.

With the mephits removed from the airship, we struck a truce and departed the island with haste until it disappeared over the horizon. We struck out for Fireshear towing the great longship behind our airship, fulfilling our promise to Harshnag that this would be his spoils of war. Onboard we carried some of the boxes we had found, including the one with the frozen dwarf.