.. the site

A website for me to post progress on my projects, reviews, teardowns and whatever else takes my fancy in the realm of computers and electronics. I’ve wanted to get a website up for my hobby projects for a while, and having found the ideal platform to write its time to do it!

I’m interested in many things, generally revolving around computing and electronics which will find its way here. I generally don’t want to spend time discussing things you can search for easily (as I assume your google-fu is strong). However, I will post on ideas or challenges that are unique, as well as the projects I have on the go.

.. me

I’m a 30 something Aussie that works as a supply chain planner in my profession life. If I’m not spending time with my family or friends, I’m generally found tinkering with a computer or electrical project.

… powered by

I’ve settled on using AWS as a host, which is plain awesome added in with Jekyll. This gives a nice static site, which is then lightning fast to serve almost anywhere on any server with almost no overhead.

Finding the right technology was a challenge. I don’t have oodles of time to spend maintaining more technology and platforms than I already have setup, and the Internet (as a generalization) has become so bloated with javascript, HTML5, flash ads and whatnot It’s been a challenge to find a nice, simple clean tech to be able to just write. Remember when the content of sites was king?

… the domain name

I’m not good at names. I tried for a while to figure out a decent name for the blog, and I will let you be the judge as to if I have failed or succeeded. I aimed to pick a somewhat descriptive word to describe what I would be writing about, that was somewhat unique and sounded good.

I came up with VoltaicForge with far too much thesaurus perusing. Voltaic is a synonym for electrical, exciting, and stimulating (apparently). When I saw the word I just knew I wanted it for the title. I felt this captured the nature of the niche I would be discussing.

I stumbled around a lot because I don’t like the word blog much and I wanted a second word that described the creative nature of what I do. Forge came up as a synonym of Create and who doesn’t like the imagery of toiling over a hot forge, smithy hammer in hand, striking mighty blows to perfect their craft.