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Building a brand new personal blog with static pages

New Site hits the Internet

Finally found the inspiration to build a nice personal site. I’ve been toying with Wordpress for some time, but it’s quite bloated for a nice basic site. And then there’s the security hassles, addons, database setup, theme setup, etc. It’s so far beyond what I want to be doing for a personal site it’s not funny.

I’ve wanted to be getting posts back online about projects and tinkering I’m always doing, so that will be the aim for this site. I’ve also been looking for some time for a better layout to be able to post about projects. The default blogging layout to be inadequate for something project like, or anything that is posted about over time. Making a visitor have to browse multiple posts to piece together the history of one project really doesn’t work.

With what I’m crafting here, I will be able to have static pages for projects that can be appended to over time to add up to one larger page per project. Most likely with blog posts for updates or miscellaneous stuff that fits on the site. I’ll also be planning to write up some mini-guides for things I’ve come across in my hobby projects.

I’ve gone with an AWS approach, along with using Jekyll. This gives me a simpler way of posting and updating a site without the big CMS overhead, and after skipping over static site generators as being probably more effort than their worth, I went back to check out Jekyll, then using Jekyll with S3 and AWS. And that was the end of that search.

I thoroughly enjoy the ease of use of Markdown for writing HTML and if you haven’t checked it out and have some basic HTML background, definitely check it out.

Now its time go get cracking writing up all the projects past and present and getting the site filled out.

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