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DuckDNS with UDM Pro

Configuring the UDM PRO to use DuckDNS

DuckDNS with Unifi Dream Machine

I recently got a UDM Pro and have just managed to get DuckDNS working.

There is many other suggestions on the internet, for using the webui with ‘dyndns’ and a variety of settings that should worke. None did for me as of today, on UDM-Pro software version 1.11.0.

UDM currently uses the software inadyn to provide its ddns capabilities - and it has more providers avaliable that what is exposed in the WebUI. To get it working I edited the inadyn.conf manually via SSH. (Google UDM SSH Setup if you need to setup SSH access to your UDM)

If there is no Dynamic DNS setup in the UDM WebUI it disables the servers, so for now I have created a dummy service in the UDM WebUI

Once SSH’d into the UDM, check what config the file your UDM is running:

# ps aux | grep inadyn
12799 root     /usr/sbin/inadyn -n -s -C -f /run/ddns-eth8-inadyn.conf

In this case, my config file is located at /run/ddns-eth8-inadyn.conf

Edit the file (using VI) and add a duckdns config block: (VI by default doesnt allow editing, press i to enter ‘interactive’ mode to turn it into a text editor)

provider duckdns.org:2 {
    username         = <YOUR_TOKEN>
    password         = noPasswordForDuckdns
    hostname         = <YOUR_DOMAIN>.duckdns.org

Save and close. On VI, ESC will exit interactive mode, then :wq will ‘Write and Quit’

This has successfuly got me running with Duck on UDM - but hacky, and wont be part of a backup

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